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#Karadayı 36. bölüm fotoğrafları

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#Karadayı 34. bölüm fotoğrafları

My friend who also manages the Karadayilovers instagram account and the tumblr blog visited the set a few days ago. Here are some pictures she took. 

Hello dergisinden. 
Ayyyy, ne kadar tatilar. <3 

Bergüzar Korel as Monica Teresse on Muhtesem Yuzyil.

Karadayı 34.Bölüm Fragmanı English Translated

Feride: I love you!
Mahir: Neither you can be without me, nor I can be without you. Let’s get married. Be my wife.
Turgut: At that house we raided…
MS: Feride!!!
Turgut: …She was with Mahir Kara.
Mahir: Talk! I’m going to kill you.

İbo: I just did what Necdet asked.
Feride: Isn’t possible to find out?
Cop: Of course, I’ll find out, miss judge.
Feride: Who is it, could it be someone I know?
Cop: Prosecutor Turgut Akın.
Mahir: That was a trap, I’m going to prove that for us as well.
Feride: Father?

Such a great day (and everyday as well, duh) to be a FCBayern fan. God do I love my team. 


Fragman #2 Translation:

Feride: I’ve had enough with your games, lies, everything.

Mahir: My love! When I say I love you, believe me. I’ve been dying from your love, can’t you see?

I wish we have a different life in which you love me there.

I wish you present me your love, and not your hatred.

Don’t leave me; don’t finish our love.

#Karadayı 33. bölüm fotoğrafları